Friday, April 04, 2008

Vancouver Media Tough as Nails


You would never see the local media call out Roloson.

Coach Alain Vigneault said: "Fatigue is not an issue." Yet some of the recent goals Luongo has allowed may be evidence to contrary.


On the Avs first goal Tuesday, Luongo went down with the puck and some traffic in front of the net. He ended up on his back. He laboured to get up as the Avs worked the puck down low, behind the net and then back up top to John-Michael Liles who scored.


On the Avs second goal Tuesday, Paul Stastny was heading toward the crease, and Luongo started bracing for a hit. Luongo admitted later he was "trying to feel contact." Stastny never hit him until the puck was in. But by looking for contact, Luongo took his full attention off Milan Hejduk who scored.


On the Flames second goal Sunday, Luongo dropped his stick which went into his net. Instead of playing stickless, he turned and reached back to grab it. Bad timing. Jarome Iginla had the puck behind the net, and quickly found Matthew Lombardi who beat Luongo before he even turned back around to face the play.


doritogrande said...

San Luongo deserves better than that. Does Vancouver even have the capacity to remember back to the days of Dan Cloutier?

You don't piss off the meal-ticket.

Paulus said...

Numbers 2 and 3 just seem more like poor decisions than any laziness or fatigue. Part of why Luongo is so good is that he seems to never quit on any play. Nasty piece, indeed.