Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Chance May Never Come Again

Tremendous song. Very motivating. I used to get Goosebumps when CBC used to air this song on day 1 of the playoffs and after the Stanley Cup was awarded.



There's a dream that lives,
deep in every heart.
Heroes carve their name,
legends leave their mark.
And it's worth the sweat,
and it's worth the pain,
But the chance may never come again....

Give it all you got,
take your best shot.
The fire burns deep inside,
stand above the giants.

For the game belongs,
to the swift and the strong.
Though the flame burns bright,
in an instant it's gone.
It's the spirit of the game,
and the legend lives on and on.

But the chance may never come again,
Noooo, nooooo.
The chance may never come again!

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