Friday, April 11, 2008

Details, details...

Also inked today: Rowbear Nilsson: three years, $5.5 million in total.
Nilsson will earn $1.5 million next season and $2 million in each remaining
Really nice deal. The contrast with Gilbert's is interesting and speaks to how much the Oilers value defencemen. That second line of Nilsson, Ganger and Cogliano is made-by-little-kids-in-China cheap.
As for Tom Gilbert's deal, details per TSN are as follows:
Gilbert will earn $3.5 million next season with a $1.5 million signing bonus, $3.5 million in 2009-2010, $5.5 million with a $1.5 million signing bonus in 2010-2011, $5 million in 2011-2012, $3.5 million in 2012-2013, and $3 million in 2013-2014 for a salary cap average of $4 million a season.


PunjabiOil said...

Sometimes, it's best to keep it simple:

I like this Nilsson deal.

PunjabiOil said...

Anyone want to take a stab at why Gilbert's contract was structured the way it was?

GSC said...

What is UFA years? I'll take "Overpayments" for $400, Alex...

But this Nilsson deal is fabulous, allows for him to outperform his contract something fierce. I love it.

Marchantfan said...

I have no explanation for the Gilbert structuring; just bizarre. The last two years are low, but that's when he'll be "in his prime". Odd.

I like the Gilbert deal--if you want UFA years, you need to pay for them. Quibbling over .25M seems petty when you are getting the term Lowe did.