Monday, March 31, 2008

Too much to ask?

So.. I had a wonderful birthday today. Heard of steak and blowjob day, Men's response to Valentines Day?

Well times the first part by fourteen ounces, and the second part by two. Helluva day.

But that's neither here nor there, I just felt like bragging as I have one last (series of) request(s).


Oilers win in regulation (Oilers - 88 Points and 41 wins, Flames 90 Points and 40 wins)
Colorado wins in regulation (Vancouver 88 points and 39 wins)
Nashville beats St. Louis (89 points and 40 wins)


Chicago wins (86 points and 39 wins)


St. Louis beats Nashville in the Shoot Out (90 points and 40 Wins)
Minnesota beats Calgary in Regulation (90 points and 40 wins)
Edmonton beats Vancouver in regulation (90 points and 42 wins, 88 points and 39 wins)


Chicago beats Nashville in regulation (88 points and 40 wins, 90 points and 40 wins)


Vancouver beats Calgary in regulation (90 points and 40 wins, 90 points and 40 wins)


Chicago beats Detroit (90 points and 41 wins)


7. Edmonton (90 points and 42 Wins)
8. Chicago (90 Points and 41 Wins)
9. Nashville (90 points and 40 Wins)
T9. Calgary (90 Points and 40 Wins)
T9. Vancouver (90 Points and 40 wins)

.... please? Too much to ask? Nah...

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Gilmore Tuttle said...

Obviously it's a tall order, but given the fact that the Oilers weren't supposed to be anywhere close to this position makes it all the more exciting to watch. There's nothing like going from expecting another low conference finish to watching the team play games that have real meaning again.