Monday, March 24, 2008

A Token of Appreciation

This is David Staples. A veteran writer for the Edmonton Journal, for 23 years now. A biography of him can be obtained here.

He was generous enough to invite members of the Oilogosphere to the Oilers game today against Minnesota. That too, executive style - the Edmonton Journal suites.

The game was great. As was discussing what hockey fans like to discuss -

The game of hockey.

Thanks David.

-It's been too long to call Sam Gagner's strong play a streak. This is what he is.
-Who honestly expected Andrew Parise (Cogliano) to be posting strong numbers in the NHL at 20? Not only the points, but his +/- rating of 0 is 5th on the Oilers.
-Chemistry is underrated. Some players just tend to click together (Nilsson, Gagner, Cogliano) (Brodziak, Glencross, Stortini)
-Pouliot is settling in the NHL. Stoll got a 2nd assist tonight (at EV) so he's up to a whopping 9 points on EV. Pouliot has 6 in his last 10 games.
-Roloson was OK. That's what defines the bulk of his career. It'd be great if Garon gets healthy to play on Wednesday, as implied by MacT.
-Arena study report comes out tomorrow. Will be interesting, although I suspect the findings will be as expected.
-The Oilers now have tied the Flames in Wins, and passed Vancouver, games in hand notwithstanding. Who would have expected this in January? It's difficult to find negatives these days, and the Oilers should benefit from 8 fewer games against division opponents next year. This team is heading in the right direction. Kevin Lowe has won my respect - at least for now.
-Nothing worse than a flu/cold/sore throat. Life needs a fast forward button.

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