Thursday, March 20, 2008

Robbie Schremp

Robbie Schremp:

Age: 21 (turns 22 in July)
Height/Weight: 5-11, 200 lbs
Natural Position: Center
Converted Position: Wing

Total: 66-18-46-64 (8th in AHL Scoring) -9 rating
EV: 8-20-28 Percentage of Total points: 43.75
PP: 10-26-36 Percentage of Total Points: 56.25

*Thanks to Bryanbryoil from HF for the stats breakdown

I couldn't find any TOI statistics for the AHL - If they are available, please feel free to point them out. However, given the fact that the majority of players' minutes are played on EV strength, those numbers are heavily skewed towards PP production rates over EV production rates. Of course this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone - we knew from the London days that Schremp is a talented player - we also knew that he obtains a majority of his points with the man advantage.

It's reasonable to assert that Robbie Schremp will be a strong PP specialist in the NHL. From what we've seen in the AHL, he seems more of playmaker, but he doesn't have any trouble lighting up the red lamp 5 on 4. At EV, it's very questionable whether he'll be a guy that can hold his head 5 on 5 if pushed into a top 6 role. At least so in the near future.

What Schremp honestly needs to do this summer is work hard on his skating and on his upper body strength to win battles. Of course to win battles, there initially has to be a strong level of desire to do so. Which is why in Guy Flaming's recent top 20 Oiler prospects article, the following lines were troubling:

However, those who make the decisions on Schremp seek more. His skating is still considered a weakness but apparently the bigger concern now is his “low compete level.” One report described Schremp by saying “There are players who win battles in the corner and some who lose those battles. Rob Schremp has absolutely no interest in the battle.”

There's absolutely no question about it - Soon to be 22, and only 5 years away from unrestricted free agency, Robbie Schremp needs to make adjustments (and quickly) or his career as an Edmonton Oiler will end prematurely.

And that...would be a shame.

Reporting live from MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, PunjabiOil. Oilogosphere.


Lowetide said...

Excellent post. I wonder how much a player of Schremp's age and experience can improve his skating? It's sort of like asking a hitter in baseball to hit for better power. Your swing is your swing, you stride is your stride.

Nystrom employed power skater Laura Stamm after getting drafted by NYI 35 years ago but I don't recall too many recent examples.

People point to Brodziak but he's a different player-type. Schremp is pure skill, so that part of his game is vital since time and space are central to his game.

He CAN make wonderful plays, but the gaps close quicker in the NHL.

Here's hoping he makes it.

YKOil said...

I am thinking that he needs to be sent out to the East coast in an upgrade trade. I have nothing against the guy at all but his skills all point to one of two types of player:

1. is he a poor man's Brett Hull (a find the open spot guy)


2. is he a poor man's Anrew Brunette (a flick it in at the side of the net guy)

When he was drafted I said he needed to play on the wing and I am not wrong in that at all. Only on the wing will be be able to play one of those two types of game and succeed and only by playing one of those types of game will he succeed.

It is a conundrum that I would rather not ponder too long. But that's just me.