Monday, March 17, 2008

Forgive and Forget


Some noteworthy excerpts:

" Aw, sometimes I exaggerated calls," he will admit. " It's not like you think about it -- your instinct just takes over. You are so into the game. And getting excited isn't a bad thing, is it? You get so wrapped up in the game, so ? into the moment."

McGeough's moments include that first playoff game: " I fell flat on my ass right off the draw."

That first Stanley Cup final, Carolina-Edmonton in 2006: " It took so long to get there. Probably the best feather in my cap.

" Edmonton is one of the best places to work in the league," he adds. " Anyone who cares that much about their hockey? How can you not love working there?"

McGeough thought he saw Horcoff pull the puck back with his hand. Replays showed he did not, and within minutes after the game McGeough 'fessed up that he was wrong. He manned up to the press, and the player. He felt awful then, and still does now, nearly 2½ years later.

"I screwed the call up. It was flat out wrong. Didn't see it the right way," he said. "Shawn Horcoff is such a nice man. I said, 'I apologize. I screwed that call up.' He said, 'You haven't made many mistakes in your career. Don't worry about it.'"

"Aw, he's a good ref. He's not retarded," MacTavish said, ridiculing his own ill-conceived remark. "You ref as many games as he has, there is going to be an incident here and there."

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