Monday, January 14, 2008

Pure Dumb Luck

Ryan Rishaug just recently reported that the Oilers actually were close to signing CUJO at the beginning of the season. He also implied that it went as far as negotiating terms and dollars.

Seeing how Garon has worked out, it's safe to say Lowe dodged a bullet.

Luckily, it's not the only occasion where he has done so:

2) Vanek RFA offersheet that would have ended up costing the Oilers 4 First round picks had Buffalo Matched.

The bottom line: 25 points in 43 games earning a 10M salary this season. Still a way to go before he peaks.

3) A 35 year old Michael Nylander who was close to signing a 4 year deal, worth at least 5.5M in the first 3 years.

The bottom line: A team worst -19 in 40 games on a relatively strong 5 on 5 Washington Capitals [EVGF 80, EVGA 88]. The next closest is Semin at -11.

4) Many reports indicate that Wade Redden refused to waive his NTC to play with the Oilers.

The bottom line: If he had, as reports suggest, Shawn Horcoff was going the other way.

Sometimes, the best trades are the ones you never made

-- Kevin Lowe


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