Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game Review

On the ice, Steve Stamkos stood out. Big guy. The team that wins the lottery will have a solid player to build around.

Staal was slow-footed.


That's enough discussion of the game.

The real highlight of the night was talking to various NHL personnels. I got my game ticket signed by Steve Yzerman and shook his hand. I talked to Don Meehan - very friendly guy who approached the fans. I asked him about what happened with the Ryan Smyth negotiations. Obviously he wasn't going to spill it out, but he told me, "Ohh, it's a very long story." Daryl Sutter was there in his leather jacket, talking to Meehan during the 2nd intermission. I caught Sutter at one point shaking his head. They were also sitting together during the game. Phaneuf & Huselius negotiations? One of my friends met Glen Sather - got a pic taken with him. We then caught Scott Howson - nice, friendly guy. I asked him whether they will extend Jan Hedja. He hesitated, then responded, ''Ummm maybe...most likely." I asked him if he'd send him back to the Oilers. "You guys have enough defenceman!" was his response. My buddy then discussed Gare Joyce's recent hockey book, "Future Greats" with Scott Howson. He's a fan of that the book too.

Lots of scouts there too - they weren't revealing much or very talkative.

Junior hockey isn't popular yet in this town - it's be great if the Oil Kings can get some high-end players in the coming years that can drum up the interest.

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