Friday, January 04, 2008

I don't want your money - I want your Bookie's Fucking Money

There are only 3 sports leagues I follow. NHL. NFL. National & International Curling. I don't know what happened, but the MLB, NBA, and CFL no longer interest me.

I bet every once in a while at [Canadian site - legal]. Not much - a pansy better if you may - but a bettor nonetheless.

Hockey is a bit more difficult to bet on. The spread for games is always -1.5 for the favoured squad on this site, and with the empty net goals factor, it's a bigger challenge. Usually when I bet NHL games, I pick the underdog when I feel it has a good chance of beating the spread (+1.5), or bet the underdog in moneyline.

The NFL is much easier to digest. Spreads are different for each game.

I've had some success this season. Won a NFL Yahoo pool, and am first in a group of 20 in the Straight-up picks pool. I'm also 2nd in the Against-the-Spread picks pool.

So this is what you're going to do - You're going to lay down $1,000 on each of the following picks. Expect to 6/8 (75%). Then you're going to wire me 10% of the of net winnings.

TENNESSEE @ SD (-10.0) - Vince Young questionable. Top receiver out. SD finished the season hot. Take SD SU, and AS

NYG @ TAMPA BAY (-3.5) - Garcia with the experience. Home crowd. Gruden is a damn good coach. Take TAMPA SU, and AS

JACKSONVILLE (-2.5) @ PITTSBURGH - Jacksonville is a great team. That's why it was difficult for me to take PITTSBURGH SU, and AS

WASHINGTON @ SEATTLE (-3.5) - Washington's on a hot streak with a strong defence. I like them in an upset. Take WASHINGTON SU, AS.

Let's make some money

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