Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bob McCown schools Edmonton's MSM

Did anyone catch "Primetime Sports" today? [Excellent show by the way, aside from Jim Kelley]

They were discussing the outdoor game concept, and figured Ottawa may not be worth it financially as it holds only 30,000 capacity.

Bob McCown then remarked that Cal Nichols came to speak with them in his show during the HC timeframe, and used to comment that the Oilers aren't doing it for the money, but for the atmosphere, and ''blah blah blah.'' Then Bob remarked, ''I used to tell him, Cal, you're full of you know what. It's all about the money'' and that Cal's response was ancillary costs [and conveniently ignoring ancillary revenues]

I recommend this read before you go on further [regarding costs]:

Bob then went on that ''in the end, they winded up admitting to making 3-4M, and it was a case of them downplaying their profits. 3-4M is a good chunk of change for an NHL franchise. Of course it was about the money."

Did the Edmonton's MSM ever challenge those ''feel good community catch phrases?''

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