Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ryan Smyth

Before you all turn your back on any FORMER Oiler (Smyth), Bryan Hall style, consider this

1) He wasn't shown the same amount of respect and priority as is a guy like Iginla
2) He's always had to fight for a contract in the past
3) After not able to agree on a deal back in the summer of 2006, both Lowe and Smyth agreed to revisit negotiations in the summer of 2007. Smyth performed well, so Lowe went PUBLIC with negotiations, putting pressure on Smyth to sign. His words were, ''we've offered Smyth a substantial contract between 3 and 7 years in length.''

Smyth was disgusted by that display - and mentioned he wanted a contract done well before in the summer

5) Lowe trades Smyth for futures. The team is in a mess this off-season, and Smyth never likes losing.

6) After trading Smyth, Lowe and Laforge take some jabs at Smyth. Laforge especially (interview on CHED). Lowe comments that Smyth is not an ''elite'' player. Cal Nichols then takes a swipe at Smyth, ''100,000 isn't a big difference when you consider the Alberta Advantage''


So forgive the fact that Smyth didn't want to come back. Lowe and company chose not to re-sign him, and Smyth went to unrestricted free agency.

He has no obligation to sign out of the division - his only obligation is to sign where him and his family feel most comfortable. If he's such a greedy ******* people are making him to be, why did he reject Montreal's 6 year, 39M deal?

He's not the villain he's made out to be. He's a damn good person, and was a damn good citizen of Edmonton. Show the man some respect

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