Saturday, June 23, 2007

2007 NHL entry draft in a nutshell

Cherepanov carried some risk, but talent wise, he is top 3. With 3 first round picks, it would be a reasonable gamble to pick him at 15. For teams with only 1 pick, it was NOT AS reasonable of a risk.

Gagner, Cherepanov, and trade up to select Plante. I like that much better than

Gagner, Plante, Nash.

If you think about it, Nash and Plante have plenty of question marks surrounding themselves too. Both projected early 2nd rounders - if you're going to gamble on projects, do it right.

At the very least, Esposito was there at 15.

Bob Stauffer called it. The Oiler organization just doesn't have the guts.

A shame. Just like Lowe's undelivered promises and sinking down this once, a proud organization.

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