Friday, July 27, 2007

10 Hockey Rules to live by

Following the footsteps of Bill James (Author of ''Moneyball'') I've come up with a list of rules that hockey clubs should follow or be aware of

1) Truly elite talent does not usually spend more than 1 season in the AHL
2) There is significant home ice advantage in game 7's.
3) The most attractive Unrestricted Free Agents typically do not over-perform their contracts.
4) Young players should be sheltered on early in their careers
5) Elite Goaltenders can make defenceman seem better than they actually are
6) The BPA drafting strategy should always be utilized.
7) Careful consideration should be paid on the TOI and PP Points % of overall points for players in Junior hockey
8) Spending to the cap or a series of over-performing contracts have a strong correlation with making the playoffs
9) It is much more difficult to turn a team from average to elite than it is from poor to average
10) Using the ''small market'' label can be advantageous for an ownership group in a hockey market

Examples/How they apply in the real world
1) A warning bell if a player hasn't made the step. If over-valued on the market, it may be wise to trade him. For example, should Schremp not make the team next year, it's a sign towards him being a fringe player, and if Atlanta (Hossa) or LA (Cammareli) want him part of a package deal, do not hesitate

2) Proven Data

There were 118 rounds that went seven games since the NHL introduced the best-of-seven format in 1939 and the home team won 74 (63 per cent) of those series. In the final, 13 series advanced to the seventh game with the home side winning 11.

Strong emphasis should therefore be placed in fielding a competitive team beginning at game #1

3) Chara, Gomez, Briere, Jovonovski, countless others. The typically best players in the league tend to get locked up early, thus not reaching the UFA status.

6) Needs change quickly. Read Oilers and defenceman

7) Schremp


10) EIG

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