Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pronger, Smyth, and Lowe

The Pronger trade is a little less forgiveable, even though the return was poor and the strategy of getting 5 assets in return was ridiculous. At least he semi-redeemed himself by getting Pitkanen. It wasn't a trade by choice, but necessity.

Smyth? Wrong on so many levels. Negotiations should have began much earlier (a la Regehr and Iginla), and you better damn well have a replacement lined up if you're going to make such a move.

Worse thing is, you then throw the SAME money to a 35 year old (Smyth would have been 36 when his contract ran out) in Nylander for four years, until he's 39. I don't see any fucking strategy in this - it has a Mike Barnett move written all over it.

Lowe says he offered Smyth a contract yesterday - perhaps, just perhaps if him, Patrick (especially), and Cal Nichols didn't take verbal swabs at him after the trade, maybe he would consider coming back. The Smyth is ''not elite'' talk on HNIC isn't going to win you back Smyth's respect.

So yeah, it's time for Lowe to go. There isn't any direction going ahead for this organization. If we're rebuilding, I don't believe it's something Lowe has willingly chosen. I like the guy, but as a GM it's time to move on. Any possible replacements outside the organization?

You look at Philly, and how quickly they turned the ship around after firing Bobby Clarke- creative thinking with acquiring rights prior to July 1, set a new trend with front loading contracts - just a good, aggressive game plan that's more action, less talk.

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