Friday, October 06, 2006

Game 1: Edmonton 3, Calgary 1

1) Our "37 year old career backup" seems to still have it....

2) Hemsky - seems to have matured this year

3) Sykora - Liked this signing from the get-go. I retract my comments on calling out Lowe for not signing a more expensive Samsanov.

4) I think the defence will be fine. MAB looked great out there. I was most pleased with Matt Greene - solid passing, hard working, error-free hockey. Smid had a nice NHL debut. Staios broke up a few nice plays.

5) I love the fact our PP changed to 4 and 5 forwards

6) Smyth had a quiet night. He'll rebound. That's the luxery of having 4 solid lines - if a line can't get it going, there's depth

7) Was Stoll playing the tough minutes today? That line fared pretty well.

8) Thorenson is a great story - working his way on to the team. He had a solid debut.

9) On the other hand, Kiprusoft kept it from being a 5-1 game.

10) A 2 game mini-series would shut up some of the clowns at Calgarypuck. Good grief, read some of those comments and excuses in their game thread.

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