Thursday, October 12, 2006

Post game thoughts: Game 3, San Jose

The team really loves to tease their fans, don't they? 6-4 win.

Let's roll:

1) The team didn't play all that bad in the first two periods. Shots explain it all.

2) Thornton = MVP. What a difference he has been to the San Jose sharks. Conversely, Nabakov has always been an overrated goalie who can't put it together.

3) Pisani should step up his play. He'll come around, he always starts slow

4) I'd like to see Reasoner take the 3rd line center spot. He played on the 3rd line a few shifts, and I'd just feel more comfortable 5 on 5 (hence, a true shutdown line) with him there with Moreau and Pisani. Of course that means Stoll drops down to the 4th line - but what can you do? The goal is to win hockey games, not design roster spots based on salary. He was also the only guy to finish with a minus rating

5) Defence played well, but were running around too much. Smith needs to step it up. Greene is developing soundly (+2 today). Smid played nearly 15 minutes, while going +2.

6) Disclipine. Correct it MacT.

7) Hemsky - drive to the net you pansy. Had a semi-breakaway, and always circles at the perimeter. Heck of a player though. The type of guy that still ends up on the scoresheet, and a plus 2 rating despite somewhat of a poor game

8) Winchester - baby steps. 3:01 ice time today, +1

9) shift chart

10) Example of inferiority complex

11) Does anything really be need to said re: Smyth?

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Shawn said...

I read a bit of the Calgary Puck thread only because it's kind of fun to see how people react after dancing on someone's grave.

I'll never understand why anyone ever posts there though. Why bother, it's not for us you know?

Thornton and Marleau are a ridiculous duo. Gotta respect them.