Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Esks a disgrace to the City of Edmonton

It was bad enough the Esks got greedy, and sold the team for the high price tag. Never mind community ownership [City of Moose Jaw and Prince Albert refused to sell their team to the Oilers in the WHL despite being offered 5M - plenty of goodwill coming from the Oilers]

Of course the Esks used some of that money to support high salaries of guys like Ricky Ray, Davis Sanchez, Kelly Wiltshire, Joe Montford, and other guys they acquired during that off-season. '

"PCL may have not liked the situation, but they could not legally force the Trappers to move. Travel was not as huge as people made it to be. There are plenty of teams along the pacific coast the Trappers played against. Meanwhile, nobody in New Orleans is complaining about their PCL team's traveling.

The Esks are fully to blame why Edmonton has a lower class ball league team right now. How have the Crackercats done anyways? Did they get any press?

But now?

Plans to replace the natural grass with field turf.

Since when has Commonwealth been owned by the Eskimos?

Now they can punt away annual rugby touraments, as well as
jeopordizing Edmonton's chances to ever host international soccer matches and tournaments
(Team Canada men's and women's, Women's 2011 World Cup, annual international friendlies, u19, women's, World cup qualifying matches) again. FIFA approves field turf, but they don't encourage it. I doubt Edmonton lands soccer games here if they convert to field turf. But yeah, let's spend 6-7M on changing the seat colours. Great management

Taken from another board:
"FIFA (and I'm sure the IRU has a similar rule for rugby) has a rule that no official matches can be played on a field with markings for other sports, or something like that. If we were to get FieldTurf, the football markings would be stitched in - thus preventing Edmonton from hosting ANY of these games (wouldn't be worth the hassle to unstitch everything just for one game or one day)."


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