Sunday, October 15, 2006

Game 4 thoughts: Colorado

4-3 win.

1) Tjarnqvist has been a great surprise. 27:36 ice time, +2, excellent on the PK.


The third line has to step it up.

Moreau, Stoll both -2 (although Moreau played well).

When's Reasoner going to be promoted?

3) Brad Winchester tracker: 1:58 ice time. I really hope Mikhnov breaks in the lineup soon

4) One extra save per game? A little more than that tonight. Give me more of these, "over the hill, 37 year old career backups" anyday.

5) Hemsky was probably the best offensive player out there. Really liked the way he drove to the net in the first period, going one on one. Didn't score, but good to know he didn't circle at the perimeter. Nice assist on Sykora's goal

6) Smid is playing well. MacT trusted him in the final 5 minutes on the ice. Finished with 15 minutes, and an E rating

7) When does Markannen draw in? Hopefully Monday. I'm going to the Tuesday game.

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