Friday, September 29, 2006

Random thoughts/predictions for 2006-2007 season

Smyth will hit 30 goals again

Horcoff will achieve similar numbers

Schremp will not have more than a cup of coffee

Mikhnov will look lazy, but his name will be often read on the scoresheet.

Hemsky will not get the 100 points as some are optimistically predicting

Sykora will be a force on the PP and ES

Pouliot will turn out to be a disappointment.

Thoreson will follow that paths of Dominic Pittis, Brian Swanson, Jani Rita, amoung others.

The Oilers will split the season series against Calgary

The Canucks will miss out on the playoffs.

The Avalanche will remain competitive

The Wild will improve and contend for the final playoff spot.

The Oilers will be .500 at the end of October.

The World Curling Championships and Canadian Finals rodeo may cause some problems.

DET/NSH/CGY/SJ/ANA will be locks for the playoffs. The Oilers will have a chance to finish ahead of the latter 2 teams.

The Oilers will sell out all but 2 games

Likely a first or 2nd round exit in the playoffs. Don't worry, Calgary will choke in the first round.

The Oilers will provide Edmonton with another year of great entertainment - which is why we watch these games.

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