Monday, December 10, 2007

Response to David Staples - Part II


Counter response to your latest entry. Absolutely, I'll be cheering hard for Souray. I hope Huddy helps turn his game around, and the PP shows signs of improvement. I have no malice towards the guy - I just wasn't a fan of the contract. However, he's an Oiler, and he's got full support from me.

As for the previous entry, please don't take it the wrong way. While critical of your opinion, that doesn't neccessarily mean that I am right and you're wrong. It could be exactly the opposite.

If I came across as rude in the previous entry, I apologize - no disrespect was intended. Just a stressful exam season.


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dstaples said...

Oh, I took no offence. Believe me, I get clobbered out here all the time in the Oilogosphere, and I can think of at least one occasion where I really had it coming.

I never thought you meant any malice to Souray either. I just like to remember as I'm writing about these guys that they may read about what we say, or hear about it, and when you get blasted in a personal manner, it hurts. I learned the hard way about this when I wrote a city column, blasting an Oiler one time in kind of a cheap shot manner that was uncalled for, then having to face the guy the next week. That was really crappy, and I'm trying to learn from that mistake.

BTW, what is your real name? When I write about bloggers, I like to write their real names. You can email me,