Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Early Free Agent Busts

Players who are clearly overperforming their contracts. In many cases, clearly underperforming their contracts.

Handzus, Michal
16M/4 years.
25 1 3 4 -10

Preissing, Tom 11M/4 years.
22 1 5 6 -2

Nagy, Ladislav 3.750M/1 year
22 4 7 11 2

Gomez, Scott 51.5M/7 years
26 5 14 19 2

Drury, Chris 36.25M/5 years
26 6 11 17 -1

Bertuzzi, Todd 8M/2 years
14 1 5 6 -3

Sometimes, you just have to resist the temptation of purchasing that shiny piece of candy.


Rand said...

I'd add Hannan onto that list, he was supposed to be the stellar defensive D-Man that would anchor their PK.
Their PK hasn't shown much improvement, and Hannan has shown himself woefully incapable of handling tough minutes at ES. Of late he's been playing 2nd tier opposition.

Their still allowing plenty of goals, and still scoring plenty. Hannan was supposed to have helped with the former.

I don't imagine a team worst +/- from a guy their afraid to put out against the opposition's best was what they were looking for in a 4.5M blueliner.

PunjabiOil said...

That's a good choice. Hannan used to stellar on the blueline in SJ - he used to log up the tough minutes, and do well on them. He was one tough guy to play against in the 2006 playoffs.

Right now it seems he doesn't have the defence to make up for what has defined his career: a lack of offence.