Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Type of Fan Are You?

Hunt, Bristol, & Bradshaw’s (1999) classification scheme:

1) Temporary
- “fan” not part of self-identification
- time constrained
- BIRGing (Basking in Reflected Glory) motivation
- CORFing

2) Local
- identifies with geographic area
- devotion leaves with displacement

3) Devoted
- increased degree of attachment
- “fan” a closer part of sense of self
- not most critical or central part of self-definition

4) Fanatical
-being a fan an important part of self-identification
-has other means of self-identification that are more important
-engages in behaviour beyond normal devoted fan-behaviour accepted by significant others

5) Dysfunctional
-being a fan primary method of self-identification
-may engage in violent or disruptive behaviour
-identification interferes with normal life

I consider myself number 3.

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Jonathan said...

(3) For me too.