Monday, October 01, 2007

Opening Season Roster

Haven't had the time, nor the desire to watch or listen to the pre-season games.

Just been reading newspaper articles, glancing at boxscores, and catching the highlights on Sportscentre.

Not exactly in-depth analysis and ''eyeball observations,'' but who is paying me?

Without further ado, below is my informal hypothesis on the Oilers opening roster against SJ.

Penner Horcoff Hemsky
Torres Stoll Nilsson
Moreau Gagner Pouliot
Sanderson Reasoner Cogliano
EXT: Brodziak

*Thorosen sent to the AHL
*Storini Sent to the AHL
*Pisani on the IR

Staios Pitkanen
Souray Greene
Smid Tarnstrom
EXT: Grebeshkov, Gilbert

*Note - Trade Greene + Schremp (both overvalued) for a decent goaltender prospect.
*Roy on the IR


Playoff bound roster?

Lets just say I'd be much more comfortable if Pisani comes back earlier than expected, or Mike Johnson is signed upfront. The defence looks like a mess - collection of bottom pairing defencemen that need sheltered minutes. The defence also needs another shut-down defenceman (I'm looking at your, Danny Markov) who can kill penalties and play on ES. Simply put, Matt Greene just doesn't have it in him at this point of his career to log top 4 minutes.

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Santa Merda said...

We don't need a goaltending prospect. Garon, Dubnyk, Deslaurier are more than enough to keep us solid in the crease.

We need a solid, stay at home, Jason Smith type defenseman.