Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Foot

Alexei Mikhnov is like Big Foot.

You hear about him. There are occasional reported sightings of him. But despite that, you still can't verify that he exists.

The latest rumbling suggest that he has put up 18 points in 17 games in the RSL. Just 4 points behind his career high.

Is this the case of actually progressing his game? Or do the numbers merely reflect his experience (at-bats)? The time is running out before he becomes a UFA in 2008. There are really only 3 options for the Oilers next summer:

1) Trade him if a market exists for him.
2) Sign him to a 1 way contract, and hope he improved his 2 way game.
3) Sign him to a 1 way contract with an opt clause to Russia if he doesn't crack the team.

Personally, I'm a fan of Mikhnov. Soft hands, fairly good skating for a big guy, protects the puck well down low. I believe he can play at least on the 4th line in the NHL. Option 3 makes sense in my opinion - you find room for him.

What Kevin Lowe and MacT will do is a different story.

Have we seen the last of Big Foot?

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