Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Battle of Alberta

12. Calgary 25 10 12 3 23

14. Edmonton 24 10 13 1 21

"Gee, I expected the Battle of Alberta to be a little more battling than this"


Anonymous said...

That makes me laugh. Compare lineups (with or without injuries), then tell me if you think there was any chance these teams could be tied after 25 games.

And with all the gnashing of teeth over the Souray contract and Roli's age, imagine if this 'new' Kiprusoff is really it. I highly doubt it, and I'm sure Kipper will get back to his old Oil killing ways eventually, but if not that's a long 6 years for .890 goaltending. Theodore all over again, but longer.

Anonymous said...

I really shouldn't of said anything about being tied after 25 games

Santa Merda said...

I do not seem to be able to post as of now.

PunjabiOil said...

I sent you an invitation to your gmail account. I'll send it again.

Santa Merda said...