Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That's what I call marketing

As exciting as it is to talk about the Oilers' rookie camp (read: not exciting at all), here's something better: scantily clad dames.

That's the Dallas Stars "Ice Girls" frolicking about in bikinis and such. They are waiting for your call right now: pick up the phone!

Real training camp countdown: T-minus 32 hours.

(glove tap Four Habs Fans)


mike w said...


Maybe after the game we all could go to Hooters and implode from lameness.

namflashback said...

That should keep Sean Avery busy.

budorduke said...

female form mike.. its a thing of beauty. no need to focus Only on testosterone and prospects..

LittleFury said...

That's what it takes to sell ice hockey in the desert, Winters. Now, put yellow feathers in their hair and a dress cut down to there and you've got Hockey Night in Vegas.

Bruce said...

At the urging of many contributors of the Oilogosphere, I have taken the plunge and made the first baby steps in starting my own blog. Oil Droppings can be found at:

First posts about the current batch of Oilers prospects are up. The blogroll is still under development, but PJO & Co. made the first cut as one of the sites I visit most frequently. A cross-link would be greatly appreciated.

You're all welcome to visit any time. I look forward to hosting some stimulating hockey talk on Oil Droppings.

PunjabiOil said...

Bruce: Done

LF: Looks like our blog has found a niche. That is, sexually themed posts.

Keep em coming. For me, hopefully the season will bring something to talk about. Dammit, long long days all in the name of career development.

doritogrande said...

So can any of them skate?

...Wait. Why do I care?