Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oilers vs Panthers - Post Game Thoughts

What a boring game. I usually won't say no to free tickets, but from now on will have to re-consider. We ended up leaving at the 2nd intermission.

The highlight of the day was seeing a couple buy two 46 oz popcorn ($4.00) buckets instead of sharing one 86 oz ($5.25) buckets.


- Trukhno has some skill; thinks the game well
- Pouliot did a great job battling in the corners
- Chorney will be ready sooner rather than later
- Strudwick certainly isn't anything more than press-box/7th D material
- Like Smid's game
- Brule certainly hasn't shown much; he'll be spending the season in the AHL.
- No atmosphere whatsoever at Rexall; for all the right reasons

Feel free to add your thoughts.


Bob Arctor said...

Be glad you went for free, I paid to watch the game on Tuesday in Vancouver. The highlight of the night was two different pairs of drunk fans being ejected from the same seats.

PDO said...

Brule shown nothing?

I sir, disagree with that assertion.

Dude hits everything that moves. I think he makes the team.

PunjabiOil said...

Offensively though? He's a 6th overall draft pick, and has yet to show that offensive finish that carried his play in junior.

PDO said...

He's a sixth OV pick... by someone else. What, 5 years ago? Don't worry about his pedigree, worry about what he's doing on the ice. Right now he's a guy who looks like he can do exactly what was done by GlenX last season, with a much higher upside....

LittleFury said...

A Troo Phan would never pull the chute on a meaningless exhibition game! This is Serious Fucking Business.

PunjabiOil said...

He's a sixth OV pick... by someone else. What, 5 years ago?

Try 3 years ago - in the same class as Cogliano. He's done really well in junior, but hasn't transferred that offensive game to the NHL level. It's a case where he needs some at-bats, and another year in the AHL may not neccessarily be a bad thing.