Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Visnovsky and No Trade Clause

Above: the Big Lubowski

Jason Gregor recently asserted that the Oilers would be bound to Visnovsky's NTC.

That is not the case.

Article 11.8 of the CBA states

...If the player is traded or claimed on Waivers prior to the no-Trade or no-move clause taking effect, the clause does not bind the acquiring Club. An acquiring Club may agree to continue to be bound by the no-Trade or no-move clause, which agreement shall be evidenced in writing to the Player, Central Registry and the NHLPA, in accordance with Exhibit 3 hereof...

Visnovsky was acquired on June 29, and As his NTC was not bound to take effect until July 1, 2008. Thus, the Oilers were under no obligation to be bound to that said clause for the duration of the contract. Unless, of course, the Oilers evidenced in writing that they wished to be bound by the clause - which just wouldn't result any benefit to the organization.

Shawn Horcoff (next 4 years) and Sheldon Souray (next 2 years) remain the only Oilers with the NTC.


PDO said...

Unless of course, the Oilers told Visnovsky that they were going to honour it and that "we're not the LA Kings, we don't fuck with our guys."

LittleFury said...

Hope you don't mind the edit. I spent a lot of time with the clone stamp to make that picture and I'll be damned if I see it go to waste.

PunjabiOil said...

Not a problem. Nicely done.