Friday, February 29, 2008

Red Line on Riley Nash - June 20, 2007

Not exactly thrilled when selected by the Oilers. Then he later followed this up with perhaps a forced smile. Nash later acknowledged that "I'm a BC boy who grew up as a Canucks fan, but Edmonton is good too"

Regardless, he's Edmonton property until 27.

Red Line apparently loved him


Vancouver, BC: What are your thoughts on some of the "other" BCHL forwards, like Riley Nash and Casey Pierro-Zabotel?

Kyle Woodlief: At Red Line, our staff loves Riley Nash, and I think he could go off the board possibly as high as #15 overall. A really well schooled, all-around player who can play it any way you want. Pierro-Zabotel is big and has a real good touch around the net and fine instincts at the offensive end of the rink. He has some other areas to work on, but with those tools I'd see him going in the 2nd round.

The Oilers weren't the only ones who had him ranked that high.

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