Friday, August 03, 2007

Unreasonable Demands - "A Declaration of War"

Bruce Dowbiggin highlights in his book, Money Players , a memo sent by the NHL to its players in the summer of 1994.

These unreasonable demands forced the 1994 lockout, leading to an abbreviated NHL season
Please be advised that the NHL, effective on or about September 1, 1994, plans to unilaterally impose the following measures on NHL Players:

1) Mandatory two-way contracts
2) The elimination of salary arbitration
3) The elimination of guaranteed contracts and buy-out provisions
4) The reduction of the players' playoffs and awards fund from $9M to $2M
5) The elimination of all per-diem allowances
6) Roster size reduced to 17 skaters and 2 goaltenders, major league roster reduced to 22 players
7) Force players to pay the first $750 of the medical cost per insure person and co-insurance of 70% (NHL) and 30% (insured person) to $10,000
8) The elimination of the senior player benefit. Force players earning in excess of $350,000 to pay 50% of the annual pension contribution
9) Compulsory currency conversion. Players traded between a Canadian club and a U.S. club shall have the amounts of their salaries and bonuses converted to the currency of the country to which the player was traded
10) Clubs will no longer pay the players to travel from summer residence to the club's home city prior to training camp and at the conclusion of the season.
11) NHL's discipline increased to $50,000
12) Players required to wear only approved NHL apparel off the ice. League will dictate "Skates, sticks, helmets etc." for all players
13) Mandatory community service, public appearance, and commercial appearances


There you have it.

Greed is a two-way street

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