Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alex Tanguay to Mike Cammalleri is a downgrade

PDO and I were discussing this last night. I initally thought it was a good move for the Flames. PDO disagreed, and brought up a few good points. He has now convinced me this move is a huge step back for the Flames:

1) Last year, Cammalleri had the 2nd easiest QUAL COMP rating on the Kings, with a -0.04 QUAL COMP Rating. Tanguay had the toughest minutes on the Flames, with a QUAL COMP of +0.07



2) In Cammalleri's best season he put up 80 points, only 43 of those came at even strength.

In Alex Tanguay's worst NHL season in recent memory last year, 45 of his points were on EV.

Cammalleri will help the powerplay, but that may be negligible with the pending loss of Kristian Huselius. It seems Calgary were a better team pre-draft. Losing 8 spots in the first round didn't help the trade evaluation in their favor either.

*Special thanks to PDO for the argument's foundation


DeBakey said...

TANGUAY - $5,250,000
CAMMALLERI - $3,350,000

The Flames have a few problems on a "going forward" basis.

Sutter just put a 12-month band-aid on one of them.

doritogrande said...

Alex Tanguay - 28 years old
Mike Cammalleri - 26 years old

They paid out for Cammalleri's potential, if not his history.

If I've read the chemisty in the room correctly also, Tanguay and Keenan did NOT get along. Moving Tanguay is addition by subtraction in that regard.

As another possible downside of the swap...

Tanguay - 7 letters
Cammalleri - 10 letters

That's an extra 3 letters the Flames shop has to shell out to put on the back of a jersey. That's going to cut into profit margins fellas. :D

Jonathan said...

That seems to be the consensus.

Renaud Qui ? said...

And now... Who would you pick this year?