Tuesday, September 18, 2007

EIG pumps in 3.5M in dressing room upgrades

Have to give credit to these guys.

It's only fair


...but it is another event supporting the suspicions that the EIG were making money hands over fist. Would the EIG be engaging in these renovations if they were ''close to breaking even'' territory?

Not likely.

On an semi-unrelated note...

Another tidbit in the article worth mentioning (see bold).

Edmonton's reputation as a place to play is stellar among players who've actually played here, but not so much among those who haven't. This is another step in trying to change the misconception.

"It's impressive to see the way guys are treated here," said Marty Reasoner. "It's an extension of the organization. It's a pretty big message saying the team is committed to the guys and treats them first class."

Besides, said Moreau, the Nobody Wants to Play in Edmonton angle is dead.

"There are too many good examples (of players who do)," he said. "Sheldon (Souray) came here. I signed an extension, Stevie (Staios) signed an extension. Hemmer (Ales Hemsky) signed a long term deal. Horcoff signed a long term deal. Raffi (Torres) signed a long term deal. Jarret Stoll probably will. Dwayne Roloson could have gone somewhere else. Dick Tarnstrom is back.

"All those guys could have gone somewhere else."

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