Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Brian Leetch possibly Edmonton bound?

According to Darren Dreger from TSN Edmonton is a possibility.

Initial thought: Guess it's retirement on Edmonton for him.

The guy has had a poor plus/minus and has had some trouble staying healthy in the last 3 years (61, 72, 51 games respectively) and is a shadow of his past offensive acheivements. His 130 shots on goal was the lowest shots per game (SPG) average he's ever had in his career.

He is definitely on his last legs, and hasn't been able to find an interested party in the East coast - which begs the question, why should the Oilers be interested in him? This is the same guy that rejected the Oilers a year ago.

Preliminary rumblings suggest he's asking a 2 Million. Worth it? There is a good chance he will not play more than 50-60 games, and the 2M spent will almost definitely ensure that there will little room in the Oilers budget to address needs in mid-season/trade deadline.

Perhaps it's just Oiler fans getting a taste of unrestricted free agents signing in Edmonton (Pisani, Roloson, Sykora, Reasoner, Tjarnqvist) and restricted free agents signing long term deals (Horcoff, Hemsky) that gives them the urge to sign more.

Hey, I'm not shooting down the entire idea of Leetch signing here. It does help out the Powerplay, and he can play 22-23 minutes a night. That being said, Leetch has limited options, and I don't particularily believe he will bring 2M in value to the Oilers. I could live with a 1.3-1.5M/1 year deal with bonuses.

Don't discount the loyalty factor though. Perhaps Lowe might just get Leetch a pen - they were good friends and teammates in 1993-1994

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